This is who we are

what we do?

DFS Lab and CoLab Kaduna with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are working in partnership to develop a program to harness the innovative potential of technology firms, developers, and startups to build modern solutions to the challenges put forward by the people of Kaduna state in the hopes of helping to catalyze an inclusive digital ecosystem in Kaduna state.

Designing programs and prototypes that incentivise DFS usage among the currently excluded.

Generate data from pilots that might incentivise private players in the financial space to consider serving these people.

Create awareness around identified problems and organize the local technology ecosystem to innovate around them.

People Centric

We take a people first approach to surfacing and solving problems

Technology Driven

We are leveraging on technology to solve these hard problems

Inclusion Heavy

We have a bias for the underserved and excluded populations

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